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Volunteering for a NCSEA Committee

Thank you for your interest in NCSEA committee involvement!  Please review the NCSEA website at to gain a better understanding of each Committee. This will also help you determine where you can make the biggest difference. You must be a member of an NCSEA Member Organization or an NCSEA Corporate Member in order to be a member of an NCSEA Committee.

NCSEA Young Member Groups are encouraged to submit their activities and events. Please contact Maher Eltarhoni if you have any questions.

The NCSEA Grant Program was developed to assist Member Organizations (SEAs) in growing their SEA and promoting the structural engineering field.

Any NCSEA Member Organization or member(s) of a Member Organization are eligible to submit a grant application. Applications must be submitted to the local Member Organization, reviewed and approved, and then forwarded (via this application) to NCSEA for consideration.

A grant request may be submitted for any program that is consistent with NCSEA’s Mission. Requests will not be accepted for political contributions or for the reimbursement of lobbying expenses.

Evaluation Process
A subcommittee of the NCSEA Board of Directors (Treasurer, at-large members and the Executive Director) will serve as the evaluation committee for the grant applications. Once the winning grants are selected by the subcommittee, they must be reviewed and approved by the NCSEA Board of Directors. In addition to the above information, several key factors will be evaluated with every grant application:

  • How will the grant request advance the practice of structural engineering or strengthen your MO?
  • Is the grant request for MO operations funding (such as website updates, AMS improvements or a new computer)? If yes, the grant application must detail how the project is unique (and not just typical operational expense) and how the MO will communicate successes back to all other MOs to ensure knowledge transfer.
  • Are there matching funds from a local Member Organization, or is the grant request serving as the primary funding source for a project? 

Grant recipients will be contacted directly by a member of the subcommittee with the grants formally announced at a NCSEA event.

Additional historical information regarding the NCSEA Grant Program can be found here.

Finally, please read and agree to the "terms of use" statement, found at the end of this application, regarding the "Knowledge Transfer" requirements, when a grant is awarded.

NCSEA’s External Communications Committee is expanding last year’s MO Public Outreach Challenge to allow members, delegates and SEA leadership to submit their Member Organization’s most effective program for achieving NCSEA’s goal that:

practicing structural engineers are recognized by clients, media, policymakers, educators, students, and the public for the value of their contributions to society.

The purpose of this competition is to give SEAs a platform to be recognized by the SE profession for their work and dedication to the field. What do you consider your MO’s biggest Public Outreach accomplishment in the past year (November 2019 through December 2020) in each of the following categories?

What do you consider your MO’s biggest Public Outreach accomplishment in the past year  (November 2019 through December 2020)?

Each SEA may submit up to one entry for each of the following categories:

Public Outreach

  • Creating or expanding your electronic engagement (website, social media, e-newsletters)
  • Assisting with publication of structural engineering media content (newspapers, magazines, interviews, podcasts, video series)

Political Advocacy

  • Influencing public policy (SE licensure, code adoptions)
  • Providing educational and/or event opportunities supporting political actions 
  • Supporting programs for engineers to stay in touch with political representatives and officials

Students and Educators

  • Forming partnerships with schools
  • Offering mentoring or job shadow programs for college students
  • Awarding scholarships to students studying Structural Engineering

Other Outreach Programs Related to Current NCSEA Initiatives: 

  • Collaboration with allied organizations, ie ASCE/SEI, CASE, etc. to address issues relevant to the profession (
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion efforts including those related to NCSEA Call for Action (, ex: 
  1. Advocacy efforts for underrepresented individuals in the middle school and high school levels
  2. Mentoring programs for underrepresented professionals
  3. Creation of and/or engagement with student chapters at the university level to increase the diversity of engagement in programs that lead to careers in structural engineering.

NCSEA would love to hear about your SEA! Have you hosted an event recently that you'd like to share with the rest of the organization? Maybe you're hosting an upcoming event, rewarding scholarships, or you're just proud of your SEA's recent efforts and want them featured in Structural Connection or NCSEA News. Please let us know! Just complete this form & hit submit, it is that easy to share news about your SEA.

Also, remember to add your upcoming events to NCSEA's Calendar. Visit this link and fill out the details of your event.