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The NCSEA Grant Program was developed to assist Member Organizations (SEAs) in growing their Association and promoting the structural engineering field. The Grant Program is supported by the NCSEA Foundation, which was established in early 2020 to support the non-profit activities of NCSEA and its Member Organizations. The Purpose of the Foundation is to fund qualifying initiatives and activities that are intended to aid in the advancement of the science and practice of Structural Engineering as well as promote technical development, education, outreach, and engagement within NCSEA’s Member Organizations. The Foundation itself is supported by specialty ticketed events throughout the year as well as individual and corporate donations.

Any NCSEA Member Organization or member(s) of a Member Organization are eligible to submit a grant application. Applications must be submitted to the local Member Organization, reviewed and approved, and then forwarded (via this application) to NCSEA for consideration.

A grant request may be submitted for any program that is consistent with NCSEA’s Mission.  Please note:  Requests will not be accepted for political contributions or for the reimbursement of lobbying expenses.

Evaluation Process
A subcommittee of the NCSEA Board of Directors (Treasurer, at-large members and the Executive Director) will serve as the evaluation committee for the grant applications. Once the winning grants are selected by the subcommittee, they must be reviewed and approved by the NCSEA Board of Directors. In addition to the above information, several key factors will be evaluated with every grant application: 

  • How will the grant request advance the practice of structural engineering or strengthen your MO?
  • Is the grant request for MO operations funding (such as website updates, AMS improvements or a new computer)? If yes, the grant application must detail how the project is unique (and not just typical operational expense) and how the MO will communicate successes back to all other MOs to ensure knowledge transfer.
  • Are there matching funds from a local Member Organization, or is the grant request serving as the primary funding source for a project? 

Grant recipients will be contacted directly by a member of the subcommittee.

Additional historical information regarding the NCSEA Grant Program can be found here.

Finally, please read and agree to the "terms of use" statement, found at the end of this application, regarding the "Knowledge Transfer" requirements, when a grant is awarded.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.